Transfer Credit Policy

Policy on Award of Transfer Credit

Silicon Valley Business Institute will transfer a maximum of 20% of the units or credit that may applied toward the award of the Master of Business Administration (Provisional) Chinese Distance Education.

The policy and practice for the evaluation and award of transfer credit will be based on the decision that the applicant is qualified to successfully engage with Silicon Valley Business Institute curriculum and benefit from its educational purposes and programs. 

The framework for this decision will consider: 

  1. Comparability and Applicability: Comparability of the nature, content, quality, and level of transfer credit, and the appropriateness and applicability of the credit earned, based on review of catalogs, course syllabi, and other materials, and from direct contact between knowledgeable, experienced faculty and staff at both the receiving and sending institutions.  
  2. Balance in the Use of Accreditation Status in Transfer Decisions: Critical assessment of whether the quality of an unaccredited institution can speak to the level of capability required by Silicon Valley Business Institute.
  3. Consistency: Policies and practices that inform transfer decisions are to be applied consistently.
  4. Accountability for Effective Public Communication: Full and accurate disclosure of transfer policies and practices to ensure consistent and defensible practices for transparency.
  5. Commitment to Address Innovation: Demonstrating flexibility and openness, while not compromising quality expectations.  
  6. Applicability of Credit for Degree Purposes: Determination of applicability to the degree.

As with the Award of Academic Credit, the School monitors implementation of this policy to ensure: 

  • Faculty involvement and endorsement of policy/practices;
  • Periodic review to ensure consistency of application of agreed-upon practices.

Silicon Valley Business Institute will accept transfer units toward the Master of Business Administration earned at institutions approved by BPPE, public or private institutions of higher learning accredited by an accrediting association recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, or any institution of higher learning, including foreign institutions, if the institution offering the graduate program documents that the institution of higher learning at which the units were earned offers degree programs equivalent to degree programs approved by BPPE or accredited by an accrediting association recognized by the U.S  Department of Education.

A student’s Silicon Valley Business Institute grade point average (GPA) is computed only on courses taken at Silicon Valley Business Institute. Any credit hours transferred in to Silicon Valley Business Institute will count toward graduation but not be calculated in the student’s Silicon Valley Business Institute GPA.

Silicon Valley Business Institute reserves the right to deny credit for courses that are not compatible with those offered in its degree programs. Some general categories of courses never receive transfer credit or, in some instances, receive credit on a restricted basis. Examples of courses that receive no credit include:

  • Courses considered below college level
  • Repeated courses or courses with duplicate subject content.
  • Coursework earned at an institution that did not hold at least candidacy status with its regional accrediting association when the coursework was taken.
  • Mathematics courses considered below college level, including basic math, business math, and beginning and intermediate algebra.
  • Courses offered for non-credit continuing education units.
  • Remedial English (e.g., reading, vocabulary development, grammar, speed reading, or any courses that are preparatory to an institution’s first Freshman Composition course).
  • Courses providing instruction in English as a Second Language
  • Examinations offered by the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP).
  • Non-academic/vocational-technical courses.
  • Remedial courses in any academic discipline (100-level and above).